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Have you considered shipping your piano overseas with piano shipping companies?

Have you considered a custom crate as a storage unit for your piano instead of renting a big storage unit?

Are you looking for piano shipping costs?

Have you considered shipping piano across Canada or piano shipping international?

Are you looking for an international piano shipping cost

We offer you custom crates for your piano to

  • store your pianos long term
  • shipping your pianos internationally or long-distance inside Canada safe

Sometimes, it is necessary to store your piano off-site. This could be due to renovations, long-term travel, or a temporary housing situation that does not allow you to keep your piano. Regardless of the reason, our piano movers can make custom packaging or find storage solutions for your piano – no matter the size. Baby Grand Piano, Grand Piano, Upright – we pack all types of pianos! We also offer storage solutions for our clients when they need to store their piano.

Alternatively, you may need to ship your piano with piano shipping companies or international moving companies when moving overseas. We can help with that as well. Our custom piano crating for overseas travel will help you protect your delicate piano during the rough trip ahead. Your piano is not only expensive, but it has a lot of sentimental value as well. We use industry best-practices to ensure that your piano is completely secure and protected while in transit. On the other side, if you are looking for a trusty piano shipping company, we know many reliable companies that can ship your pianos all over the world.


If you want to store your piano for a long time, for example, over two years, you will want to protect it not just from damage but also from its environment. Our piano custom crates will help to protect your piano for long term storage at a meager price. With piano custom crates solutions, on one side, you protect your piano against other harmful factors such as dust and physical damages while storing your pianos. On the other side, you do not need to rent a storage locker solely for your piano. Metro Vancouver Movers can offer storage based on volume, meaning you only pay for your piano occupies’ actual area. This helps us to offer some of the lowest storage rates in the lower mainland. If you consider renovation your place, if you are fixing the leak inside your house and do not want to damage your valuable piano during the renovation, hire a professional.


piano custom crate is the best option for packing, shipping, and safely moving your piano. Whether the move is to another city or another country, you need to protect your piano from any possible damage within the truck before giving it to a piano shipping company for transportation. As you know, the shipping companies move around the items before shipping. Since the piano’s are so heavy, they are very vulnerable during these moving and transportation process.  The custom crate is the only and the best option to keep your piano away from any damage. Contact us. At Metro Vancouver Movers, we have a lot of experience in custom crate pianos and can help you.


We also offer crating services for other heavy objects such as motorbikes and electronic equipment for either shipping or storing. Please look at our packing and custom crates and move pianos at our company for more information.

If you have an ancient piano that you need to get rid of it or dump it, please give us a call. In fact, to get rid of your piano, you still need professional piano movers to move your piano. We can help you with all the piano moving services in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

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