YES, providing FREE plastic moving boxes in Vancouver BC

free moving boxes

  • Are looking for free moving boxes ?
  • Wonder where to get free boxes for your upcoming move?
  • Are you looking for free cardboard moving boxes near your area?

We provide free plastic moving boxes as one of the main and most expensive packing supplies at your door for our clients in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and surrounding area. Do not look for the cheapest boxes in this area when we provide the plastic moving boxes absolutely free of charge in Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Richmond, Delta, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Vancouver BC. In other words, we have the best solution for you.Why do you spend time to look for cardboard moving boxes in different shops?
If you are looking for the cheapest price, you have come to the right page; it is absolutely free of charge.
Our clients in Lower Mainland can now use our free plastic moving boxes on some conditions,please call us for the details.In fact, there is no any charges for this service as long as your minimum moving time meet our regulation on “Price and payment

features of free plastic moving boxes

  • 21 x 16 x 14 inches …………….45 liter
  • 27 x 18 x 12 inches…………… 64 liter
  • 29 x 20 x 15 inches……………..102 liter

how does it work?

  • We will drop off the reusable moving boxes at your current place in Metro Vancouver 10 days before your actual move and receive a deposit fee
  • Our moving company will move you on your moving date
  • We will pick our efficient stack-able moving boxes at your new place within 10 days after your moving date and return your deposit fee through by the same method of payment used to received the deposit.

Since providing free moving boxes for our clients, a lot of them really enjoyed this hassle free services.After completion their move, we contacted them about free of charge moving boxes. Almost in all cases, this part of the service was their favorite part. Now, you can try our free moving boxes in Vancouver and surrounding areas for your own move.

some of advantages of using plastic boxes

  • Proper packing with same size boxes
  • easy packing inside trucks and use the truck space efficiently
  • minimize other shipping supplies such as packing tape
  • easy carrying with hand trucks and dollies
  • protect fragile items more efficient

Simply put; when you box your stuff; rounded or irregular or uneven-shaped objects become not only regular; but also, manageable. Take a vase, for instance. The vase can be circular or bulky. Once boxed, it becomes a regular-shaped object that can be stacked safely.
Pro movers load the trucks like regular shaped objects for reasons.

  • They can load them neatly into their trucks; and
  • They know that when the trucks is on the street, nothing will be shaking or jolting inside the truck.
  • They use all the space inside the truck efficiently.

Imagine yourself driving your car while having something shaking in your vehicle trunk. How do you feel about the the noise?

Advantages of Moving with Metro Vancouver Movers

Now, there’re 2 advantages of having Metro Vancouver Movers do your own move.

  • First; you receive sturdy plastic boxes that fits your needs. These sturdy boxes are specialty boxes that were designed with moving in mind. Thus, they are strong, thick-walled, easy-to-handle and with specialty lids to protect your valuables.
  • The second advantage is the price you’ve to pay to get these moving boxes. Do you know what the price is? The price is NOTHING. These boxes are offered to you FREE. You don’t have to go out and spend helluva amount of money buying boxes (which, in most cases, will be the wrong kind of boxes than the right ones). No, you just call Metro Vancouver Movers, and the boxes will arrive within less than 24 hours at your doormat.

cities we cover for using free moving boxes

As you see, we do not cover cities like Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops, or other cities which are far from Vancouver area.However, we cover cities like Chilliwack, Mission, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby for using free plastic boxes.Also, We cover Port Coquitlam, North Vacouver, Vancouver, UBC area.

  • Experience a hassle free move with our free plastic moving boxes;
  • Even more; we deliver them and take them from your new place free

If you are looking for free moving boxes in all Metro Vancouver, and Fraser Valley, don’t look further. You can find rigid, uniform and free plastic moving boxes in our moving company.
At the time of delivery the free moving boxes to your place, you can also ask our associate to send you all other moving supplies like bubble wrap, or wrapping paper as well.You do not need to spend a lot of time to look for moving boxes and moving supplies.You can have them at your door.Once more, we give these plastic moving boxes just to people who are moving with our moving company.

contact us for best solution

No doubt, you can provide cheap moving boxes from Home Depot, U Haul, or Rona. Also, you might be able to to provide free cardboard boxes from Staples, Walmart, or other companies. However, carrying those boxes when moving is not easy. Also, after your move is finished, you need to recycle those moving boxes. Let make it simple and contact us for the best solution.

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