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Crating artwork

Making a custom crate for artwork is a secure way to ship valuable artwork to other cities in or out of Canada. We recently had a rush order to send a treasured painting to Ontario. After our client agreement, one of our teams in West Vancouver picked up the artwork and transferred it to our shop in Burnaby.small hinged crate for painting that allow you to use it again covering reusable small hinged with blanket
After that, one of our movers built the custom crate, as you can see in the picture. We sent the photos to the client, who asked us to ship them to Toronto. After talking to Puralator, we dropped the crate at their place for shipping to Toronto.placing a painting inside a small hinged crate for painting that allow you to use it again

Our client would bring the same painting back after attending an event. Therefore, we added hinges so that they could use the crate again. Most of the time, people destroy the crate after arriving at their shipment. However, in this case, they used it again to send it back to Vancouver. Also, as the crate was small and one person could carry it, we added a handle to the crate. The client was then able to take the crate more easily.covering painting inside a reusable small hinged with blanket

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