small moves vancouver

  • Are you looking for your small move among local movers in Vancouver area?
  • Are you going to do your short notice move with a cheap price?

Give us a call, we will organize your last minute move or last minute delivery in a very short time. Basically, our movers can do your move with a short notice. Located at boarder of Vancouver Burnaby, our short notice movers work everyday in different parts of Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. As a result, they can arrange your stress free small move almost anytime in Vancouver and surrounding areas. In case of “small moves Vancouver”, people usually looking for delivery companies. However, when it comes to moving a couch or any bulky piece, one person is not able to handle the job easy. Our truck are around Vancouver with two movers that able them to do move your bulky items easy.


Our moving trucks are always carrying all the moving equipment like, piano pallet. Therefore, in case of moving your piano, for example, friendly moving crews can help you with same day delivery services with a very good service rate. We are always waiting for your short notice move.
Also, in case of professional packing services or custom crates, we provide same day small move services in Vancouver area. In other words, our movers can minimize the price of delivery of small items while they are around the city with small move services. As you know, moving companies consider a minimum time when booking their moving services to take care of some expenses like fuel and workers. However, in case of small moves in Vancouver, we minimize the minimum time to two hours. Metro Vancouver Movers can handle all your small moves in Vancouver BC and surrounding area with a minimum of 2 hours. For small moves in Vancouver area, we usually send small cube van that makes your small move really easy. We are always available from East side of Vancouver to West side. For any further information, please contact us to arrange your small move anywhere in Vancouver and surrounding area if you are looking for last minute movers in Vancouver B.C., and surrounding areas.