Moving help at your service at moving season in Vancouver. There are many ways to move your stuff.

At our moving company, we frequently receive the question whether it is worth it to “self-move” using your own trucks, either personal or rental. While it is true that self-moving can help you choose your own schedule, but have you asked yourself the following five VERY important “self-assemsement” questions, our dear client?

Five Questions To Ask

1- Will I be able to do the heavy lifting?

This is one of the very important questions. Professionals know that the best job must be entrusted to professionals. After all, every one is good at something in life. So can you, yourself; do the heavy lifting of tables, couches, chairs, mattresses, boxes, etc. At Metro Vancouver Movers, our professional moving help will be happy to do the heaving lifting for you; while you enjoy what you love doing most.

2- Can I afford to drive the rented heavy truck safely many times?

That is another important question. As you know, if you go to any truck rental; you’re bound by the size of the truck they have as well as by the ant-like fine-print contracts. The later guarantees that you pay hundreds of dollars in case of any scratch or minor incident to the rental truck. Are you ready to go through that or would you rather let Metro Vancouver Movers arrive with their own insured trucks and save you incredible stress?

3- Do I have health issues?

This is very important. You (or a friend who is helping you move) can have a back issue or hernia or old fractured shoulder. Nonetheless, would you rather have your (or your friend’s) health go downhill or would you get things moved properly with the help of our professionals? Not to mention the fact that your family members need you for some other more important life issues!

4- Are there the right people to help me?

Our professional moving help service will walk you step-by-step though the moving process; from the very first moment you contact us. So are you sure you have the competent people who will make your move a breeze?

5- Am I experienced enough in moving?

This question applies to moving bigger stuff. Imagine, for instance, our dear client, that you want to move your comfy mattress? Do you know how to stand it on its edge and cover it with specialty mattress bag? Or will you have to fight back and forth to cover it properly? Also, does the person helping move the mattress have the ability to move the mattress through the corners, stairs, corridors, etc. or will this person abandon you when he discovers that it ain’t easy as you both thought?
Trust Professionals To Do A Professional Job

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You see, almost always, the best method to move is to hand it over to the professional moving help if you are going to rent your own truck.

The crew of moving help know their own stuff, and, thus, offer an unsurpassed service with VERY competitive prices.

Contact us, if you have any questions – and I meany any question – pertaining to our work

Again, reach us at 604-970-2233, and we will be happy to meet with you and show you exactly how we move your stuff.