Needless to say, most offices would like to move very quickly to minimize business disruptions. Also, when it comes to office moves,office moving companies should have a good back-up team.In addition, they must have skilled crew for assembling and disassembling office desks and other furniture. Moreover , proper tools are crucial for a seamless office move.

Our moving company is a committed office moving company moving offices in all Lower Mainland since 2005. Regarding to a skilled team of movers, proper tools, and trucks, we are able to move your office in a shortest time.

On one side, our team of professional office movers will make sure everything is done right the first time. Therefore, they minimize down time, and help you get your business back to normal quicker. On the other side, our office movers carry proper tools to get the job done fast and efficient. coupled with a back-up team and proper trucks, all help you to have a hassle free office move.

If you are looking for top rated office moving companies in Metro Vancouver, or Fraser Valley, make sure to contact us.

Our moving company has moved many offices in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.In addition, we have helped a lot of our clients to pack their offices.As mentioned, our office moving company assists in handling all kinds of office moves.

What is important when moving your office

As you know, when moving your office, you encounter with a lot of organized document.
Needless to say, you want to keep everything organized and put all the document back organized as soon as possible.
Here, we explain our procedure when moving your office. However, for more information, you can look at our posts about office move.
One thing that makes our company different when moving office and business is our plastic boxes. As you know, when moving your office you need to empty your filing cabinets and drawer to make them lighter. Otherwise, your furniture will be damaged. We, at Metro Vancouver Movers offer using our plastic boxes that come in three different sizes.They make your move much easier. In Lower Mainland, we offer them free when the job is more then 5 hours.

What we do when moving office
  • Upon arrival, we your document and small boxes.
  • Then, we wrap your filling cabinets, and other furniture.
  • After that, we disassemble your desks and other furniture if we need to do so
  • Our office movers always use blankets and shrink wrap to protects sensitive and expensive machines such as copy machines.
  • In case of moving office, our office moving company always carry durable plastic boxes to pack awkward items.
  • Once, we have packed your office into the truck, we will transport the contents of your office to their new home.
  • When we arrive at the new office, our office movers unload and organize as you request.
  • After unloading and unwrapping, our office movers make sure your new office is as clean as possible.
  • Our goal is to make sure your office move is as simple as possible. If you are looking to move offices or require commercial moving services make sure to contact us.