Needless to say, when it comes to office moves, you need to hire very punctual and organised commercial moving company. Because most offices would like to move very quickly to minimize their business disruptions. Also, when it comes to office moves in Vancouver, it is better to hire full service moving companies that provide you all the packing material and moving supplies such as moving boxes. In addition, they must have skilled crew for assembling and disassembling office desks and other furniture. Moreover , proper tools are crucial for a seamless office move.

Our office movers in Vancouver BC are among most committed office movers in all the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley since 2005. Prepared with all packing supplies, and amazing plastic boxes free of charge , proper tools, and trucks, our moving crew is able to move your office in a shortest time, and stress-free on your moving day.

On one side, our team of professional office movers will make sure everything is done right the first time. Therefore, they minimize down time, and help you get your business back to normal quicker. On the other side, our office movers carry proper tools to get the job done fast and efficient. coupled with a back-up team and proper trucks and extra movers, all will help you to have a stress free office move on your moving day.

If you are looking for top rated office moving services in Vancouver BC, and surrounding area, or Fraser Valley, make sure to contact us.

Our moving company has moved many offices in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. In addition, we have helped a lot of our clients to pack their offices. As we mentioned, our office moving company assists in handling all kinds of office moves.

What makes us different when moving your office

  • A punctual team of experienced office movers that really work organized
  • A back up team of movers and trucks that can help the main team in a unexpected situations.
  • Equipped trucks with power tailgate and aluminium ramp that makes loading heavy items such as photocopier machine easy.
  • Providing many moving pads and moving blankets to protect you office furniture from any possible damages.
  • Providing gigantic plastic moving boxes that allow us to protect your electronics such as monitors, small printers and computer cases, and move them with no even minor damages
  • Providing any kinds of moving supplies in shortest time to make your office packing easy.
  • Using and providing plastic moving boxes a head of time that makes moving your office document safe, secure, and intact in rainy days.
  • using automatic and powered tools that allow our office movers to disassemble, and assemble the desks, and other office furniture faster.

What we do when moving office

  • Upon arrival, we your document and small boxes.
  • Wrap your filling cabinets, and other furniture.
  • After that, we will pack the electronics either with very big plastic boxes that we carry inside each truck or we wrap the fragile and awkward items with blanket and proper packing supplies. Our office movers always use blankets and shrink wrap to protects sensitive and expensive machines such as copy machines
  • Disassemble your desks and other furniture if we need to do so .
  • Once, we have packed your office into the truck, we will transport the contents of your office to your new place.
  • When we arrive at the new office, our office movers unload and organize as you request.
  • After unloading and unwrapping, our office movers make sure your new office is as clean as possible.
  • Our goal is to make sure your office move is as simple as possible.
  • We never forget that we keep you old place and new place intact and protect the carpet and floor.

Now, if you are looking to move offices or require commercial moving services make sure to contact us.