Let's Professionals move your piano INTACT.

    piano moving services

    piano moving; moving all kinds of pianos from upright to grand pianos


    • What type and size of pianos are you going to move?
    • Is your piano a grand, baby grand, a full-size upright, or an apartment-size upright?
    • Are there stairs at the pickup and drop-off locations?
    • Is there any narrow? Hallway or corridors?
    • Have you booked your elevator?
    • Are there any other issues that could affect moving the piano? For example, is part of the way covered with grass or gravel? You do not want the movers to move a dirty piano on your carpet.
    • Which city in Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley is the origin?
    • Which town in these areas is the destination?
    • Also, is it a short distance or long distance moving?

    Submitting form for piano moving cost

    You can submit your piano information online; we'll respond with a precise quote in less than an hour.

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