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Custom Crates in Vancouver and surrounding area

Making custom crates is one of our services that help you to send your valuable belonging overseas safe. In fact, when sending your irreplaceable things long distance or overseas, you expect to receive them intact. As you know, transportation companies move these valuable things many times during the process of moving. Therefore, there is a risk of damage on furniture or load with any movement. In this case, custom wooden crates are very helpful to avoid receiving damage on furniture or valuable things.

One of your best choice for your custom crates

In fact, we started this service after we found out some of our customers are hiring us to transfer overseas. Needless to say, they hired us to pack and ship their valuable things to another countries, at the beginning. At the same time as you know, moving valuable things is the very difficult part of crating that needs skilled movers. Therefore, why not our experienced movers finish the whole process moving and professional packing and crating? After starting, we have designed & built hundreds of custom crates for very valuable pieces. For example, we have designed and built custom crates for statues, paintings, musical instruments, medical instruments and unique items that are not replaceable.

After making custom crates in our warehouse facility, we load heavy and metal strapped crates with forklift safe to our trucks. Then, we strap the crates in our trucks with polyethylene straps that keep the crates safe inside our trucks. in short, you can check our crating process in our photoblog to see how we care about packing and crating your valuable items.

Bottom line, when shipping your expensive things overseas, shipping companies need to relocate your loads several times. Especially in the case of fragile , it is crucial that pack your things safe. Metro Vancouver Movers offers custom crate service for overseas moves. We build custom wooden crates bound with metal straps to protect your belongings during shipping. Each crate is specially design to ensure a minimum of movement of it’s contents which greatly reduces the risk of damage. We also offer in site custom wooden crates can be built in our warehouse or on site at your convenience.

packing for overseas

Sometimes, you need to pack some furniture or items with good quality and cheaper than custom crates. At Metro Vancouver Movers, we pack these items with heavy duty cardboard and foam. In fact, heavy duty cardboard gives strong protection to the items, and they are cheap at the same time. For more example please see some of sample works here.
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