Everyone knows moving can be a stressful and time consuming process; and many people prefer not to deal with it. We at Metro Vancouver Movers; however, would love the opportunity to take the worst of it off your hands. Our professional residential movers in Vancouver British Columbia and surrounding areas will load your possessions into the trucks safely & securely, transport them, and finally unload them at your new place. They make sure everything is organized and easy for you to unpack. It doesn’t really matter if you would like us to do your residential move from the beginning to end including packing as well, or just your move. As you know, we are one of the full services local movers with a very reasonable residential moving rates. We don’t just drop stuff anywhere – we work with you to make sure your boxes and furniture end up in the right place to begin with. This stops you from having to do the dreaded post-move shuffle. You have enough to worry about when you get to your new place, let us help make it easier.


Move residential places is one of our specialties beside more specific services such as custom crates, residential packing, and commercial moving.


To start, we make sure that our movers have the best access to the moving truck. Some building have a special loading zone. There is no problem in these kinds of circumstances. However, in some case, we need to park the moving truck on the side of the street. In these cases, it is better to find the easiest access for loading the items. You can coordinate with your neighbors days before your moving day to make enough space for parking your moving truck. Please have look at our moving tips for more information

  • we begin by prioritizing your residential items for safe and efficient loading in our trucks.
  • Taking care to wrap all fragile items with our moving blankets – this is to help prevent any damage during your residential move.
  • Our team of professional residential movers will make sure all of your belongings are brought to the truck in a safe and efficient manner.
  • From there the items will be organized in the truck ensuring all fragile items are safely secured.
  • Our professional drivers are able to get our big trucks in and out of some of the tightest spots you have ever seen – all while making sure your possessions remain safe.
  • protecting your carpet and floor will be our concern all the time when we are working


  • We still remember to protect your new place carpet and wall and keep them absolutely intact during the moving process.
  • We remove the items from the moving truck and place them exactly where you request. Change your mind mid-move? No worries our team is more than happy to move furniture between rooms for you!
  • Any items that we have disassembled will be reassembled at your convenience. As you know, all houses and apartments have furniture that needs to be disassembled. Our team will carefully disassemble your furniture during pickup and reassemble in the exact location you want it during drop off!
  • All blanketed items will be unwrapped and any garbage created during our work will be removed helping you enjoy your brand new, clean home.
  • Lastly, we make sure to remove all the garbage created during our work so that you have a minimal mess to start your unpacking. We try our very best to make your home move as enjoyable as possible – if you are looking for the top-notch residential moving services throughout Burnaby, Vancouver & the lower mainland try Metro Vancouver Movers.


Over the years we have accumulated hundreds of happy residential moving customers. View our Testimonials page or Google Reviews to see what they have to say about our team! You will hear from them that “we are one the best moving companies in Vancouver”


We recommend all small items have been packed prior to the movers arriving. For more information please read our guide on this website. Please remember, packing prior to the movers arriving will help to minimize your residential moving costs. Metro Vancouver Movers is a full-service local moving company in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Therefore, we provide packing services besides providing free plastic moving boxes. Let us take care of your move! If you live in an apartment or a detached family home, it is important to have a quick look at our moving tips in advance to ensure that you are ready on moving day.


If you are in Lower Mainland such as Vancouver BC, West Vancouver, Port Moody,Pitt Meadows, and Fraser Valley such as Chilliwack, we can provide you the following services:

  • Residential Moving in Vancouver
  • loading & unloading trucks & containers
  • Residential Moving Truck Burnaby


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