Furniture removal is a better term instead of garbage removal in this case.When you are moving to a new place you always want to get rid of some unwanted items. Over these years, we have seen, when moving, people want to get rid of mattress, box spring, old piano, table, bed, fridge, dish washer, dryer, and many other things. Most of the time, people are not aware of different services of a moving company. For example, sometimes they arrange a garbage removal company to remove their unwanted furniture before actual moving date. As a result, they pay extra fee for a services that they can do at the same day of moving. Another example, they want to donate these unwanted items to company like Salvation Army. Of course, when your furniture are intact and in a good shape, those companies accept your donation. However, most of the time, you pay for the moving services, and stop on the line to donate your furniture. However, sometimes they do not accept your furniture for different reasons.

why movers?

There are many reasons that if you use the movers in case of removal, make more sense. For instanse, you need skilled movers that can move the items without leaving mark behind. As the second example, if you need to get rid of a piano, skilled movers can help you better as they have to move a heavy item.

What can you do?

Ask your moving company if they remove your furniture that you want to get rid of.In our moving company, when our clients ask, we offer them the best rate for removal of those furniture. In fact, as soon as we arrive at our clients place, the very first question we ask, is “do you have any furniture that you do not want them in your new place?“.Then, we start with those items and put them in the truck, first. After that we start to do the actual move. What is the benefit of that? We do not need to move them several times and waste our clients moving time. In this way, you will pay for the actual time that the movers are working at your place and dumping fee. Please remember, we need to spend some times for disposal of those items as well.

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As we are keeping our trucks absolutely clean we DO NOT remove any construction disposal. All we remove is furniture that you want to get rid of.
For any more information, please contact us and make sure about the size of your moving truck when arranging to pick up unwanted furniture.

a garbage removal job