Rent Storage Lockers with Metro Vancouver Movers

Rental Storage

Metro Vancouver Movers is able to offer rental storage and partial space for storing any additional furniture or other belongings. In fact, our warehouse facility is in Burnaby in the middle of Lower Mainland. Needless to say, these rental storage units are secure and very clean.

Specifications of our rental lockers

At this point, the size of our wooden rental lockers is 6 x 8 x 9 ft that provide 432 cubic feet space. No doubt,this space is large enough to store the entire contents of 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. In other words, for two or more bedroom places, you would need more than one rental locker.

Also, we are able to offer partial rental space for our clients that do not need a full rental space. In any case, partial rental space helps to minimize costs for our clients as they are only paying for the space that you actually occupy. As a matter of fact, we calculate the price for individual belongings based on volume and a percentage of overall space that your item occupy. For example, in case of storing one or more items like your piano, this strategy help you to pay for the actual rental space that you need.

Another good point about storing in our facility is we keep your belongings and furniture padded inside our rental lockers. As a result, we protect your furniture inside our rental storage units ,on one side.on the other side, when evacuating our rental storage space, there is no need to pack your belonging again. That means, saving more time when moving out of our rental locker units.

For this reason, we use shrink wrap and moving blankets to protect your furniture. Also, we pack all items within our storage lockers care. When the locker is emptied we will remove the items and move them to your new home good as new. The safety of your possessions is our priority.

Furthermore, our completely secure warehouse is set up for quick loading and unloading of lockers. Also, you always have access between 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Quick, easy, hassle free, and best of all inexpensive.