Most Sunshine Coast moving companies that help people in this area are in Vancouver and surrounding areas. As a result,  people who want to move to Sunshine Coast, BC, or move out of this area to other cities look for their moving companies on Craigslist. Metro Vancouver Movers provides the following moving services on the Sunshine Coast:

  • Moving services from any place in British Columbia or Alberta to the Sunshine Coast
  • Moving from  Sunshine Coast to any place in British Columbia and Alberta
    • Examples of areas where we provide moving service for people in Sunshine Coast
      • Victoria
      • Nanaimo
      • Duncan
      • Courtney
      • Kamloops
      • Kelowna
      • Calgary
      • Edmonton
  • Piano moving services 
  • Providing free moving boxes for our client in this area

sunshine coast moving companies

Moving to Sunshine Coast with Metro Vancouver Movers

Our moving company, Metro Vancouver Movers, serves all Sunshine Coast areas, such as Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Davies Bay, Secret Cove, Sechelt, and Port Mellon.

We even go further to Saltery Bay, Lang Bay, Myrtle Point, and the beautiful Powell River. In these cases, we need to use a second ferry from Earls Cove to Saltery Bay.

Regarding moves to the Sunshine Coast, our moving company prefers to pack the moving truck the day before and drop off the items the next day.

We move all kinds of households and pianos to the Sunshine Coast. For single items such as pianos, don't hesitate to contact us ahead of time to combine the small loads with other loads to minimize your ferry's cost.


In the case of long-distance moves, you have a lot to do, so why don't you leave the whole thing for the skilled packers and movers to finish for you?

Our packers can help you pack ahead of time in Sechelt, BC or any other areas on the Sunshine Coast. They will attend a day or two at your place, pack all the small items and furniture, and prepare them for your move. Looking around for moving supplies when you are going long-distance is a time-consuming process that we can help you with.



If you want to move to Gibson, BC, or move companies to Gibson, B.C., please call 250 900 3300 for booking. Let professionals move you to your new home on the Sunshine Coast.