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Our Moving Quote and Rates; movers rate

  • Our base hourly rate is $115.00 per hour for two movers and a truck for our moving services.
  • You may hire any additional mover at $30.00 per hour.
  • We calculate the moving time once we start work at your place of origin and stop when we finish at your final destination.
  • We do not have any hidden cost
  • Our moving company in Lower Mainland doesn’t charge you for travel time, or the time that we are coming to start your move
  • Also, you can use our FREE plastic moving boxes that really make your move affordable and cheap

Note: Depending on the size of the truck, our moving company has a minimum time charge in different parts of Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Our Fleet

The fleet at Metro Vancouver Movers consists of one ton, three ton, and five ton cube vans and trucks.

Which Size Truck Do You Need?
  • One ton trucks (16 x 7 x 7.5 ft) are used for one bedroom to one bedroom and den.
  • Three ton trucks (18 x 7 (or 8) x 8 ft) can accommodate 2 to 3 bedroom apartments and small houses with regular furniture and boxes.
  • Five ton trucks (24 x 8 (or 9) x 8 ft) are ideal for larger moves such as 3-5 bedroom houses.

For a more comprehensive explanation regarding minimum time, please refer to the table at the end of this page.
Still unsure which truck you need? Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your moving needs and requirements.

Additional Costs:
  • GST at a rate of 5% is applicable to the rates provided.
  • Moving supplies are provided at additional cost
Moving Supplies
  • Shrink wrap……………………………… $ 18.00/ per roll
  • New Single mattress bag …….. $ 15.00/each
  • New Queen mattress bag……… $ 15.00/each
  • New King mattress bag…………. $ 15.00/each
  • Tape………………………………………….. $ 4.00/ per roll

Note: The use of moving supplies is recommended but not a necessity.

For questions regarding your moving quote, please call 604 970 2233 or 604 970 7004.

Minimum Charges By City

The following is a list of the cities we serve and the minimum hourly charges by truck size.For more information about our service to your city and our moving rates per hour, please view the specific city page:


  • Small moves generally require a 1 ton truck (16 ft).
  • Mid Sized Moves generally require a 3 ton truck (18 ft).
  • Large Home Moves generally require a 5 ton truck  (24 ft) .

Flat rate

If you are looking for an exact price or flat rate move in greater Vancouver, Burnaby, and surrounding areas, we need to arrange a time to give to provide you flat rate. We simply make an arrangement based on your convenient time and meet your place. In the next step, we provide you a written moving estimate or moving quote.
For any further questions regarding our Vancouver movers rates or moving costs, please call us (604) 970 2233 as we offer more competitive moving quote or pricing in different circumstances, particularly mid months.If you are looking for an affordable or inexpensive and cheap moving company in Vancouver area, you can contact us anytime.