Moving Services in Bowen Island and Vancouver

A couple of years ago, someone called us for moving an item in their house in Bowen Island. They mentioned, “there is no moving company that comes to do this particular job which was moving a heavy piano inside the house”. In fact, they wanted to move their piano from one side of the house to the other side. Now, we are one of the most reliable Bowen Island movers in the area.

We completed our client’s job and they announced our name in the area. After that, many residents keep calling Metro Vancouver Movers almost as their first option as their Bowen Island movers.

Now, we do all the moves from Vancouver to Bowen Island. Also, we move people from Bowen Island to the Lower Mainland.

packers and movers

In addition, in the case of hiring packers and movers in Bowen Island, our packers and movers can assist our customers in the area.

delivery services

We also can help people within this area with the delivery of cabinets, pianos, and appliances such as refrigerators or ovens. In fact, we have delivered many of these items from Vancouver to Bowen Island.

So, if you buy a brand new piano from a shop in Vancouver, or a second hand from Craigslist and want to move it to Bowen Island, do not forget about your Bowen Island movers for delivery of these purchased items.

our services in Bowen island

moving trucks

At Metro Vancouver Movers, we are ready to do all kinds of move and delivery on Bowen Island. For more information, please call 250 – 900 – 3300

fleet of our moving trucks from one ton to 5 ton
fleet of our moving trucks from one ton to 5 ton