Sometimes, incredibly when you are moving your office, we must disassemble and assemble your office furniture. We have moved to many apartments, houses, and businesses all over Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Sometimes in your office, apartment, or home, we have one or more furniture pieces that our movers have to take apart or two pieces to fit the entrance or hallway.

Notably, in small areas with big IKEA furniture, you need IKEA furniture assembly services. Most IKEA furniture, especially the large ones, is not easy to move as there are many furniture joints. Any small move on these kinds of furniture causes significant damage to the furniture.

As a result, in these cases, you need

  • A skilled handyperson to disassemble and assemble the furniture.
  • Proper tool to do the assembly and installation.

We, at our moving company, have handyperson services with furniture assembly experience. We are also using all the necessary tools and moving equipment to make your residential move, office, or apartment move faster at all of our moving trucks.


Here, we provide some examples of recent residential and office moves, when disassembling makes the job much faster and more secure.

In recent years, many businesses are using our services for their delivery. At the same time, they need to assemble their furniture as well. For example, some companies import furniture, and our moving company helps them deliver and install their furniture. Needless to say, at Metro Vancouver Movers, we are using at least one experienced handyman with years of experience in case of assembly furniture in Vancouver and surrounding areas when delivering these kinds of furniture. Also, in some cases, people buy furniture from companies like The Brick or IKEA.

Do we install these kinds of furniture? The answer is, “yes.”For more information regarding our services for assembly and disassembly furniture, please contact us. Our clients sometimes ask us to pick up their purchases at Brick, IKEA, and take them to their place on a moving day.


When moving, we try to wrap, pack and move the furniture in its present condition. However, sometimes we might need to disassemble the furniture to be able to move it.

One of the most regular pieces of furniture that need to be disassembled is the bed. We disassemble any complicated bed, such as a murphy bed, to a regular bed when providing moving service for you. We disassemble all kinds of beds such as a twin over double bunk beds, Ikea bunk beds, double over double bunk beds, Costco bunk beds and many others.

How long does it take to disassemble or assemble a bed?

It depends on how many screws they have used on the bed to assemble it. Disassembling a bed usually takes 5 minutes for the regular ones to 45 minutes for murphy beds or almost an hour for a double bunk bed.

In some cases, people ask should they disassemble the furniture before moving?

Our answer is simple. We are always ready to disassemble your furniture if needed before moving. However, on the other side, we need to minimize your moving expenses. Therefore, if you want to bring down the moving cost, it is better to disassemble the bed before the movers arrive.

In the case of IKEA, you would need to assemble them when arriving in your new place and remove their packing material, specifically when moving to a smaller home. So, please inform our office in these cases that the team arrives with any unique tool needed.

If you need furniture assembly or IKEA installers in Vancouver, even when you do not need our moving services. We can help you.

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