loading & unloading trucks & containers

Loading & Unloading trucks & containers, or a portable storage units is another service that we offer to our clients.Sometimes, our customers need us for moving and packing furniture into their trucks and mobile storage units. For example, we have received many phone calls from people in Victoria for unloading their truck in Lower Mainland. Also, from people who are looking for our services to load their truck when traveling long distance. Particularly, when they want to load a heavy item like a piano into their trailers. In fact, they were looking for a crew of professionals who can assist them with loading and unloading.

helping you with loading your truck:

Our crew know how to load to ensure a good balance of weight in all part of your trucks or trailers. For example, placing too much weight at the front of your truck is dangerous and unsafe when travelling long distance. On the other hand, you need to fit all your belonging in your truck as is not economic to do the second trip. After making sure that all the items fit in truck, they secure the load with tie straps. Strapping your own trucks in different parts is another aspect of truck efficiency when long distance trips.
Imagine, you rent a cargo or cube van, or a pick up for moving out of Coquitlam, or Port Coquitlam to Kamloops, or Kelowna. Of course, you need to fit all the furniture and belonging; otherwise, you might need a bigger truck. A bigger truck means more issues like driving, gas expenses. We have trained many amazing truck packers here in our moving company that can help you a lot. In these cases, if you need someone to load and pack your truck or looking for just moving help to unload your trucks contact us. Our skilled movers are always here to help you for loading & unloading trucks & containers.


Sometimes, you need to use your portable storage like POD as efficient as possible.Because you need to fit all your furniture and belonging for a while in a container.
Remember that you are going to store them in a POD or other containers. If you do not efficiently use this space, you may need to spend more for a larger container. In other words, save money by having our expert packers that carefully pack your container and maximize the storage space.


When you are going to order your mobile storage, make sure you order the right one. Some containers do not have a wide door. Therefore, moving your belonging through a narrow entrance might cause damage. Also, some of them have a very low ceiling and, as a result, you will lose a lot of space as you will not be able to fit large furniture. When ordering a mobile storage, we recommend doing some research beforehand to make sure you are ordering the right one for your needs.


We offer unloading and loading of trucks, and efficient mobile storage packing services in all Vancouver and Fraser Valley such as: