moving costs

moving costs are one of the most frequently asked questions that our clients ask us about.
Also, when you are browsing on different moving blogs, you may see the following questions many times.

  • How much should it cost to move a 1 bedroom apartment,
  • What is the average cost to move a 4 bedroom house,
  • how much professional movers cost, and how much moving my home costs?
  • generally what is the cost of moving houses?

and many more similar questions.
You can find a lot of information by typing “moving costs calculator Canada”. However, providing any number regarding moving costs is really difficult and is not accurate.

In this article, we try to explain the moving time and moving costs really depend on your right decision.
As you know, the moving cost directly depends on the time that a moving company spends for you. In other words, answering the above questions is not easy at all as calculation of moving time is not easy. As a mover who is spending many years in moving business, I have to admit there is always something that you might not be expecting on your moving day.

some examples of moving costs

First example

As the first example, how would you know about your traffic on your moving day? Imagine, the road is always quite, however, today you have an accident on the road that made it busy.

second example

As the second example, sometimes, a coach doesn’t fit the stairway because of one-inch difference. When bringing the couch in ten years ago, the house was under construction. And, the movers at that time could fit the couch as there was not any railing at the entrance. Now, the team of movers should either

  • Removing the railing, or
  • sending the couch over the balcony by rope or straps, or
  • spending the time to disassemble a very old leg that one of the bolts is stripped. “You just made my day.”

Even if the moving companies are lucky to tell their clients about the time at the old place very precise, how would they know what the situation would be in the new place? Sometimes, having even one stair on the way make the moving time, and moving costs, as a result, way different than usual.
A professional moving company usually try to charge by the hour particularly in case of local moves. It doesn’t make a problem as long as you hire movers you know or trust. What is important, you need to make the right decision when hiring a moving company in order to save money and time. For example, when you have many stairs at the pickup or destination, you might need more local movers to make the moving team efficient. Needless to say, having just 2 movers under these circumstances, make them tired and non-efficient in a very short period of time. As a result, you need to spend a long time and full day move that comes up with additional cost as well.

more information?
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