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professional moving company for home staging

Home staging is a very important step in real estate. As a result, when you are going to sell your home or property, you might hire professional staging companies or interior designers to prepare a professional open house.

In fact, as a moving company that , we know how to help staging companies to complete their home staging project. In some cases, to achieve a well prepared open house, staging companies might move their rental furniture many times.

  • First, you need to move the furniture for staging, and then
  • Move the furniture back to your warehouse for the second time after selling the property.
  • To make a pleasant open house, staging crew might change their ideas many times. Therefore, you need movers that are patient to do a special task many times, and professional at the same time.

Every time that you move the furniture, there is a possibility of damaging the new property which you prepare for a potential buyer on one side. On the other hand, you might damage the staging furniture as well.

Therefore, you might consider hiring professionals movers for staging professional.


Our moving company located in Burnaby, BC has been helping Vancouver homestaging companies since 2008. Over these years, we have been covering Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and other areas of Lower Mainland.

Just in 2017, we completed over 180 projects for three home staging companies located in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Richmond BC. Our professional movers helped home staging companies to move their couches, beds, small items and their pianos to stage houses and prepare many properties for sale. Needless to say our movers, also helped these companies to protect their furniture and take them back to their shops or warehouses. In many cases, our movers helped these staging companies to pick up their new items at places like IKEA, HomeSense in Richmond, Langley, and Surrey. We, also, helped our clients to install some of their brand new furniture.


  • We exactly know furniture of a house staging companies is their business asset. As a result, we treat their furniture as our asset. In other words, we protect your valuable furniture with moving blankets and stretch wrap.
  • In some case, they need to store a particular item for a longer time. So, our professional packers exactly know how to custom pack those items that protect them against any possible damages when storing long term.
  • Also, our experienced movers know exactly how to move these valuable furniture to keep them intact.
  • One of items that a lot of hoe staging companies carry to their clients places is fragile vases or fragile decorative items. Our moving company always carry extremely big plastic boxes or totes that allow us to protect these very fragile items.


We remember your property has been prepared for sale, and you do not want any damage on that. Therefore, as arrival at your client’s property, we pay attention to keep the pavement clean and intact with checking the moving truck can cross the property.

After that, we stay with you to protect the carpet and walls and all the property, and keep it intact. Our experienced movers are very careful and skilled. In other words, they will not leave any mark or minor scratches on any part of the place you are staging.

For any more information, please contact Metro Vancouver Movers which is always available at the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley to help all Vancouver home staging companies.

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