Metro Vancouver Movers (DBA) or MVM Moving and Storage is a registered and WorkSafe BC certified full-service moving company located in Burnaby, BC.


A full-service moving company is a company that you expect them to provide all the moving and related services, for example, from providing moving supplies to moving you to your new place.


Our moving company has been serving the entire Lower Mainland (Metro Vancouver) and Fraser Valley since 2004. With over 15 years of experience, MVM Moving and Storage Inc is fully prepared to handle all moves, from small apartments to large houses and estates.


Our professional moving staff has extensive knowledge about moving, packaging, and safe furniture delivery.

We use professional drivers that make your move easier.

Our trucks have been equipped and prepared. We operate all our trucks safely. In other words, we are very strict about fixing our daily and annual inspections of our trucks.

Our growing fleet of seven trucks ranges in capacity from one to five tons. In other words, they carry everything we need to finish the job quickly and safely.


The company always tries to develop its services. For example, in the beginning, our moving company provided just residential moving services.  However, over the years, we added commercial moves, moving pianos, and providing plastic moving boxes free of charge.

We also added the custom crate as secure overseas packing services to our services in recent years.

Recently, we added move-out cleaning services to take one more thing off our client’s shoulders on their moving day.

Providing long-distance services to Alberta and other British Columbia parts are the new services that we have started. For example, we offer moving services to the Vancouver Islands and Kelowna.

You can see the main page for a more comprehensive explanation of our services.

About our fleet

Metro Vancouver Movers started the company with one cube van. Since 2005, we have increased the number of vehicles to 15. That helps our clients to have peace of mind when booking with our company. For example, in some cases, such as the above video, you would need a combination of covered trucks and mini-vans to finish the job correctly. We can replace the defective vehicle immediately without disrupting your moving process. As a result, in this part, we provide you with our vehicles with their features.

Cube van five-ton

Most of the five-ton trucks in the moving business have 24 x 8.2 (or 9) x 8 feet containers that can carry a 1570 cubic feet load. In Metro Vancouver Movers, we have five different five-tons with different container sizes, 1570.00 to 1870.00 cubic feet, as follows.

  • GMC cab over 7500: this truck is equipped with a power tailgate, and the box size is 24 x 8 x 8.2 feet, or a total of 1570.00 cubic feet. This truck is good for moving 3-4 bedroom places in one trip.
  • Hino 338; the box size is 26 x 8 x 8.2, or a total of 1700 cubic feet. This truck is equipped with a powered tailgate and can move 3-4 places in one trip.
  • Hino 338 with 24 x 8 x 8.7-foot box or a total volume of 1670 cubic feet! we usually use this truck for moving people long distances. As a new truck, it is a really reliable truck for long distances. This truck can move 4-5 bedroom places.
  • Freightliner equipped with a power tailgate; the box size is 24 x 8 x 9 feet, or a total of 1728 cubic feet. As the height of this truck is really high, our packers can pack 4-5 bedroom houses in one trip depending on the content that is in the house.
  • Hino 338 with 26 x 8 x 9-foot box or a total volume of 1870 cubic feet! This truck can move 4-5 bedroom places in one trip.
Cube van three-ton

The three-ton trucks, 18 -20 x 7.7 x 8-9, can accommodate two to three-bedroom apartments and small houses with usual furniture and boxes. Their total volume is 1100 – 1350 cubic feet. We have four three-tons as follows

Cube van one-ton

A one-ton truck (16 x 7 x 7.5 ft) is enough for one-bedroom to small two-bedroom places.

small vans
  • pick up Mazda
  • pick up ford
  • pick up GMC
  • Cargo Savana

Our entire team represents our company’s mutual values of Trust, Respect, and Efficiency. In other words, we expect that every move we complete should be approached with the same care and attention to detail each of us would give when handling our possessions.

We strongly believe in gaining our customers’ trust, and our proven track record of outstanding reviews helps to reflect this. In short, Metro Vancouver Movers take the hassle out of moving. 

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