Cleaning after or before moving is one of our services in Metro Vancouver Movers. In fact, after moving out or before moving in, you want your old or new place clean. However, as you are in process of move, you might consider hiring a cleaning company. Our moving company, Metro Vancouver Movers, can help you with all the process, from removal of unwanted items, moving, and cleaning.

removing your old or unwanted items

Let start with material that you left behind and you are going to get rid of now
When leaving your old place, you might consider getting rid of some older furniture. Also, your house or apartment contains a lot of small pieces of packing material and etc. Sometimes, the amount of these items are more than you expect and you need to hire someone or a company to remove them. So, why don’t you put all in one stop shop to make it cheaper and faster? We offer you a competitive prices for removal services when moving.

moving to a clean place

Sometimes, your new place is left unclean for any reason. So, our cleaners can help you with cleaning of your new place too. We clean kitchens, bathrooms, carpet, and the whole place professionally. From cleaning cabinets, counter-top, appliances in Kitchen area to sink, and bathtub in bathrooms, we remove dust and clean the area perfect.