Vancouver delivery services

Delivery services in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley by moving companies have many benefits. As you know, almost all delivery companies have just the driver, and in the case of large furniture and fridges, for example, they cannot do the job properly.

In many cases, they deliver the items at your door and leave it to ask help from moving companies to bring the items to the right place. Basically, our moving company, recently, have a truck on the road almost every day. So, if you contact us, our movers can assist you in a short time with your delivery services. For example, if you need to deliver your IKEA furniture from Coquitlam or Richmond, our movers can help you with a half-day notice.

Also, in the case of appliances, they are always on the road to move your new appliances. Our movers at Metro Vancouver Movers also can move your exercise machines in Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

List of items for the same-day delivery services at our Vancouver Moving Company

  • Any kinds of pianos
  • Medical chairs
  • Motorized medical beds
  • Any kinds of brand new furniture
  • All kind of Fridge, freezers
  • Commercial Fridges
  • IKEA furniture
  • Ovens
  • Dryers and washers

For more information regarding our delivery services in the Vancouver area, you can also see small move services.