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Check Vancouver moving companies reviews for your next move. No doubt, our moving company has been one of the highest-rated local Vancouver moving companies since 2005. Over the years, our Vancouver Movers have learned a thing or two about the most efficient way to conduct moves of all sizes.

Let us show you how easy moving can be.

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, especially within the city. Lots of traffic, small roads, narrow hallways, elevators, there really are an innumerable amount of challenges. With us, as one of the local Vancouver movers, you will not have to worry about any of that. Our experienced drivers can get our trucks into the tightest spaces you can imagine. Our professional Vancouver movers are experts at angles and getting big items into small areas. We will treat all of your possessions as if they are our own. After all, if your possessions are damaged in the move, we didn’t do our job correctly.

Please take a look at other companies moving prices and compare them to ours. We have one of the lowest moving prices among Vancouver cheap moving companies, Guaranteed!

If you require a residential move, commercial move, or office move within Vancouver and the surrounding areas, make sure to get in touch with us! We have the expertise to get the job done.


To protect your belongings from the unpredictable Vancouver weather, we will provide plastic moving boxes free of charge to our customers. For more information about this service, please look at the above link, or call our main office.


Sometimes, you are moving in a rush, and you do not have the time to pack your belongings or do not want to do it all yourself. Metro Vancouver Movers can help. We offer packing services using our team of professionals to pack everything into our or your boxes. Typically we provide packing services for your house, apartment, or office one day before your move. However, we can also offer one day packing and moving services for quick moves.


Our Vancouver moving company serves all areas in Vancouver. We have moved many people into and out of Gastown, Kitsilano, Coal Harbour, and Yaletown. We have also helped many people in East Vancouver, West End, UBC, and other parts of Vancouver. As one of Vancouver’s local moving companies, we have also moved many Vancouver businesses, including hotels in Downtown Vancouver.

What you can expect from our team; 

  • Timely Service

  • Safe & Secure Transportation

  • Personal Care for Your Belongings

  • Professional Moving Team

  • Competitive Pricing

We work primarily in East Vancouver as it keeps transportation and travel costs down – saving you money! Our professional moving service from South Vancouver Mount Pleasant and all the way to Hastings & Champlain Heights. We will also service West Vancouver or North Vancouver as well. For our services in current cities, please look at their page on our cities we serve.


The number of moves in Vancouver’s city is more than in other cities in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Therefore, we explain our minimum time policies with more details on different sides of this city.


Our Vancouver movers have moved many students, teachers, and many happy clients in the UBC area. From Acadia, Melfa, Iona, and Westbrook Village, to SW Marine Drive, UBC Botanical Garden, and Farmers’ Market. Our Vancouver movers have a 4-hour shortest time policy for smaller moving trucks, five hours for medium-sized trucks, and 6 hours for large trucks in UBC.


As most houses in this area are big houses, we usually move our clients to 5-ton trucks. In the last few years, we have moved many people around Alma Street and English Bay. We also have moved many customers in Blanca street, West 10th, West 4th, and around Jericho Beach and Locarno Beach Park. Our least possible moving time in this area with a five-ton truck is 6 hours. What we recommend our clients in this part of Vancouver is, hiring the right number of movers. In fact, as the houses in this area are big houses with heavy furniture, hiring more movers makes the job much easier.


As you know, another challenging area regarding a parking spot when it comes to moving days. Some businesses and low rise residential buildings do not have elevators, and stairs are the only option on a moving day. Therefore, if the content you are moving is more than 1100 cubic feet or 31 cubic meters, you might consider hiring more than 2 movers to finish the move in our minimum time. So far, we have experienced many moves in Dunbar Street, Blenheim, Collingwood, and St. George’s Junior School area.


This area is located on the west side of Vancouver, a combination of bungalows and mid-rise buildings. As any other part of Vancouver, it is a busy neighbourhood, particularly in West 41 and west Boulevard. As a result, parking spot for moving trucks is always a challenge. Most of the time, our moving company use mid-size or small size moving trucks for moves in this area. Since 2005, we have moved many people to the Kerrisdale area. From West 41 to West Blvd, and Maple Street. In fact, we moved many businesses such as offices in just West 41 area. Our moving company shortest time in this area is 4 hours. In other words, either the pickup or drop off your move is in the Kerrisdale areas. Our least working time in this part is around four hours.


is one of the areas with high traffic residential moves or small businesses. Our shortest time policies in this area are four to six hours, depending on the moving trucks’ size. In fact, our Vancouver moving company has moved many clients in West 20th, West 19th, Balsam Street, and Arbutus Street. Most of the time, our moving company prefer to use three or five-ton trucks in this area.


Metro Vancouver Movers have completed a lot of moving projects in Kitsilano since 2005. From Burrard Street to Alma Street, Macdonald street, all the way in West Broadway and West 4th Ave. In fact, our minimal time policy from Grandville’s west side to UBC is almost the same. Therefore, in Kitsilano, we have the same minimum time policy, such as Dunbar and Kerrisdale.


There is almost no building or street in downtown Vancouver that we have not visited in the last 16 years. That means we already know all the buildings, businesses, hotels and neighbourhoods in Downtown Vancouver. From Denman, Davie, Robson, Comox, Cardero in West end to Hamilton, and Mainland in Yaletown. We are one of Vancouver moving companies that have moved many small businesses and residential apartments in narrow Wall Street and west Cordova in Gastown.
Some areas are busy and challenging for parking spots like Water Street. In many cases, we have used a one-ton cube van or three-ton moving trucks to minimize the parking spots’ challenge.
Our least time policy in Downtown Vancouver, South Cambie, and Fairview is as following:
One-ton trucks or cube van seem sufficient in the small office and small one-bedroom apartments to apply 4-hour minimum time policies.
In the case of a medium-size office or two-bedroom apartment, we recommend using three-ton trucks to apply 5 hours minimum time on your move.
Of course, in the case of large apartments, you need 5-ton trucks or even 2 trucks to complete the move. In these cases, we recommend hiring more movers as the elevator time in downtown Vancouver is always restricted. For more information, please keep in touch with our main office at (604) 970 2233 or (604) 970 7004.
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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

mvm-quote-graphic-green Wonderful movers! I’ve moved at least 12 times in the past and have never had such a great experience with any other moving company. They work so efficiently and take care of each item of furniture like it was their own. They work quickly and are very professional. I HIGHLY recomend themLisa H. Vancouver, BC