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Commercial move

The commercial move includes moving a commercial fridge or delivering furniture for your buyers and other commercial things. Sometimes, you must move your business, warehouse, and store to a new location with different commercial items.

At Metro Vancouver Movers, we help you feel secure that our skilled movers will move you smoothly. We also do all kinds of a commercial moves like a big fridge, medical bed, medical chairs, freezers, and safes. Besides, we deliver and install furniture like beds for furniture sellers at their client’s place.

We wrap and blanket all fragile items to prevent damage from happening during the move. Then, we transfer all those items safely and efficiently. We also strap the items inside the truck with polyethylene straps to avoid any possible damage.

Once we arrive at the drop-off location, your belongings will be brought into the specified areas at your request. Trucks equipped with a power tailgate and aluminum ramp will help us to make a move easy and efficient. As a result, we move your heavy commercial items securely and safely. Upon arrival at the new place, our movers remove the plastic wrap we used to protect the items and not put any plastic, tape, etc., at your new business. Then, we assemble everything we have disassembled at your convenience at the new place and spot you wish.

When booking our company to make your commercial move, please describe details that help us provide the necessary tools and equipment. For example, there are special things such as workbenches, shelving units, deep freezers, commercial copiers, medical beds, and commercial freezers. Having some tools or sending the right truck makes moving some of these items easier.