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  • Am I eligible to claim my moving expenses for tax deduction?
  • Can I claim my moving expenses to reduce my income tax?
  • Can I claim my moving expenses to Canada Revenue agency for tax return?

In some cases, Revenue Canada allows you to claim your moving expenses for your tax deduction.However to see if you are eligible for claiming your moving expenses, you need to answer the following questions.

1.are you moving to be a full-time student in an educational institution?

In fact, for more comprehensive explanation regarding a full time student or educational institutions, you can follow the link.

2.are you moving to establish a new home in order to work or run a business?

Check if you are able to claim your moving expenses as employees or self employed.
If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, AND, if the new place is at least 40 km closer to your work or school, then you are ELIGIBLE. In order to calculate the distance, you need to mention “shortest normal route” available to public. Now, you can claim your moving expenses as you are eligible to apply for tax return regarding moving expenses.

claiming moving expenses when receiving moving fund

In case of getting fund or grant from government or your employer, you must subtract the grant from the total moving expenses. If you claim all the moving expenses including the fund, you need to file the grant a your income. In other words, you need to claim that part of the moving expenses that you pay. Also, you can find T1-M form in order to file your moving expenses CRA. For more information about this post, please follow the link.

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