Shipping Art Overseas from Vancouver

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how to package sculpture for shipping
One of our most recent crates for shipping overseas. The client needed their 380 kg piece of artwork protected for its long journey from Vancouver to another continent.

As you can see from the pictures below – the art structure was not symmetrical, and pressure on anyone section or corner would cause significant damage. We overcame this by ensuring the crate was larger than it needed to be, secured the structure inside to stop it from shifting during transport. Lastly, we wrapped the structure in heavy-duty moving blankets and pads to ensure there was no damage whatsoever.

Specs of Crate for Overseas Moving:

Dimensions: 46″ x 127″ x 33″
Weight: 525 kg (including materials inside)
Price for Custom Crate: $580.00

Step By Step Packing and Building of the Custom Crate:

how to transport a statue Art Crating for Overseas crating and packing art for overseas crates for sculptures
We also can help you load the prepared crates and other packed items to your shipping trailers.