Moving grand piano needs skilled grand piano movers. For example, lack of experience might easily cause damage the corners, legs or pedals when moving grand pianos. There is an example of moving grand piano at Metro Vancouver Movers from west Vancouver to Maple Ridge. In fact, in this case, we needed to remove the railing on the destination and put it back again. As you see in the pictures, moving grand piano involves in a couple of steps as following:

  • Removing the top
  • moving grand piano, removing the top
    Sometimes, you need to remove the top of the piano as there is a possibility of damage on the top of the piano.

  • Wrapping the grand piano
  • wrapping piano
    After the first step, you need to move the grand piano. Therefore, the movers should cover the piano in a very good way.

  • removing the pedal and legs
  • Grand pianos are heavy and large. Therefore, the movers need to remove the pedal and legs before moving to the truck.

  • moving the piano to truck and strap it
  • strapping grand piano inside truck
    As the pianos are heavy objects, you might to consider to strap them over the back truck axle.Also, you need to tight them at least with 3-5 tie-downs. Any sudden movement on the way of dropping off and failing ropes might cause serious damages on the pianos.

  • moving to the new place
  • Experienced drivers or movers know, they need to dive carefully, specially when long drives.

  • set it up in the new place
  • assemble the grand piano in maple ridge
    As we mentioned, moving grand piano needs experience and try to leave it for professionals. For any more questions, you can see our piano moving services, or contact us.

  • move the piano to the place that your client wants
  • setting up grand piano