moving wardrobe boxes

Move your expensive clothes hassle-free by moving wardrobe boxes.

They have designed wardrobe boxes to move your clothes hassle-free, especially when moving wrinkle-sensitive clothes.

They are ideal boxes for moving or shipping longer garments. A metal bar in each box allows you to hang your clothes. These boxes can hold almost 20 – 30 inches of your closet space.


When buying these boxes, they are flat, of course. You can assemble them like any other cardboard box and affix the metal bar on the very top of the box across the wardrobe box. The bar is flexible. Therefore, after installing the bar, you can adjust the bar to secure it properly. Then you can hang your clothes and finally close the wardrobe box. To make the bar and clothes more secure, now, make sure to tape the metal bar to the wardrobe box as well. That allows you to protect the metal bar from falling with the clothes and hangers.


These boxes come in different sizes. However, the most popular ones are almost 25 x 20 x 50 (h) inches. If the clothes you hang are shorter than 50 inches, you can fill up the bottom of the wardrobe box with folded clothes. This helps you keep clothes clean when moving to your new place. However, do not overload as the boxes become very heavy.

  • Overloading makes carrying them difficult,
  • The weight of clothes on the metal bar may cause the bar to deform the box.

You can purchase these boxes from Home Depot, U-Haul, Lowes, and many other places like local moving companies.

MVM Moving and Storage (DBA: Metro Vancouver Movers) provides heavy-duty wardrobe boxes reasonably priced. However, as they are large boxes, you need to remember you cannot fit them inside small to midsize cars unless you want to get the shorter ones.

We take these boxes to our clients' place with our free plastic containers when using our moving services. At the moment, we DO NOT provide them free of charge or even rent them anymore.

  • they keep the wrinkle sensitive and expensive clothes safe
  • easy to carry
  • holding a considerable amount of clothes
  • they are recyclable
  • they are expensive
  • After finishing the job, it isn't easy to store boxes.
  • When buying boxes, it isn't easy to move them to your place
  • not washable
  • take too much space inside the moving trucks (especially in long-distance moves when you have a significant number of items to transport)

We recommend the following for moving your clothes:

  • use your suitcases when moving, or
  • buy your wardrobe boxes, or
  • use the washable and sanitized plastic containers instead

In other words, we recommend NOT to rent these boxes as other people have used them before and you are not sure about hazards such as bedbugs.

One advantage of plastic boxes is they are washable. Almost all the rental boxes companies wash their plastic totes. However, the cardboard wardrobe boxes are not washable. In some companies, they use plastic wardrobe boxes. However, they cannot sanitize those boxes as well.