Before we explain why rental moving boxes are an excellent solution for your move, we want to mention these boxes are not rental anymore. YES, they are free for our clients.

We do not call them “rental plastic moving boxes” anymore. Our sanitized plastic bins are NOT rental ones. They are free of charge for our clients. You get one step closer to having a stress-free move.

Our clients play a more critical role in moving than the movers themselves. What makes the two moves different is how customers prepare their belongings.

Movers often waste their time when they become confused with unpacked small items. Therefore, you will see an expensive bill and disorganized items at the new place.

Why Rent Moving Boxes?

Plastic moving boxes are an excellent solution for your move. Of course, traditionally, people have used cardboard boxes. However, these boxes are the better option for the following reasons:

  • Plastic moving boxes are rigid and robust. This means we will protect your fragile belongings.

  • Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, and generally Lower Mainland are rainy areas. Plastic boxes protect your belongings from the water.
  • Plastic moving boxes are uniform, making the mover’s job easier and more organized. You can easily stack, move, and pack them into the truck, avoiding the need for extra trucks and trips.
  • It would be best to use additional moving supplies because the cardboard boxes are weak. These supplies include tape, bubble wrap, paper, and other packing or shipping materials. You can save on additional shipping or packing supplies.

    When you finish unpacking, we will pick up the plastic moving boxes (free of charge). On the other hand, you must dump over fifty moving boxes when using cardboard ones.

Our Rental Plastic Moving Boxes

We are proud to be able to offer plastic moving boxes free of charge at this moment.

  • One team member will deliver the plastic boxes before your moving date.

  • You or our packers can pack your kitchen, small living room, and bathroom items. You can also pack all small items in plastic moving boxes.

  • Our movers arrive on the day of the move and quickly and efficiently move you to your new home.

  • Over the next couple of days/week, you unpack at your convenience and stack our rental boxes out of the way.

  • Call us, and we will pick up the plastic rental boxes whenever is convenient for you.

  • After collecting, we transfer them to our warehouse facility, where we wash and clean all boxes.

    We truly believe that rental plastic moving boxes are the superior option for moving.

    Our Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley clients can contact us anytime at (604) 970 2233 and (778) 686 1432.


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