As New Westminster Movers, we have been helping people in this city since 2005. Our New Westminster moving company has been moving people from New Westminster East to New Westminster West.

Moving Services of Metro Vancouver Movers in New Westminster, BC:


  • Local moving service in New Westminster
  • Moving houses and apartments
  • Office moves

  • Taking orders for custom to pack valuable items such as statues and paintings
  • Professional packing service
  • long-distance moving from New Westminster, BC to Kamloops, Kelowna, Vancouver Island and all cities in British Columbia and Alberta

(604) 970 2233

(778) 686 1432

(250) 900 3300

For Kelowna, KAmloops, and Vancouver Islands

(587) 200 3000

For Alberta, Edmonton, Calgery

mvm-quote-graphic-greenWant to thank Metro Vancouver Movers for making a very awkward move out smooth. They were able to even run a couch accross the hall to my ex’s new place for me. Even with a massive problem with their next move, they were professional and took care of me before darting off to the next job. If I ever move again, they are my 1st call !Chris T. New Westminster, BC