stress free moving

wrapping your furniture with blankets and shrink wrap

  • How to move house without stress?
  • How to have a stress free moving?
  • Why is moving houses so stressful?
  • What do I have to do to have a hassle-free move?

These are questions people ask themselves, and us. Even more, if you have not moved for a long time. The longer it has been since you have moved the more “stuff” has accumulated around you and you may have no idea where to even start!

As you know, almost every moving company in Vancouver & the lower mainland charges hourly. So you ask – how do I make the move go as quickly as possible so I can pay the least? Minimizing the total hours depends on two parties, yourself, and the company you hire. By preparing for the move beforehand you can expect a stress-free move. The more organized things are the faster your moving team will be able to get you out of your current place and into a new one.

We recommend pre-packing your house to minimize stress and to cut your moving time as much as possible. It all starts with packing small things like kitchen dishes, bedrooms and etc. The more items you have packed, the shorter your moving time and stress-free moving, as a result. Therefore, you need to buy or rent moving supplies to pack your small belongings. What do you need to buy or rent for your packing?


For boxes, you have a couple of options and they each have their own pros and cons. Buying different sizes of cardboard boxes is most likely the simplest strategy. This allows you to pack heavier things like books in smaller boxes and lighter things like pillows in bigger boxes.

The second option for boxing items and having a stress free moving is using rental moving plastic boxes. Rental moving plastic boxes make your move really easy. They are all uniform, which makes their handling and stacking inside the truck really easy. However, as they are rigid, people sometimes load them too much, which makes handling them difficult for the movers –particularly, when carrying them on the stairs. Also, there is always a possibility that they may fall off when carried on dollies on the bumps. The other problem with plastic boxes is they might make scratch hardwood floors. We, at Metro Vancouver Movers, always place them on the cardboard at the new place and ask our clients not to pull them on the floor.

The third option for moving boxes is the cheapest. You can collect them from companies that are throwing them away. Many of these companies provide these sturdy, uniform, boxes at no cost. This way, you can save some money on your moving process.


Try to use your suitcases for your clothes and soft items (not for the fragile belongings). They are the best containers for your personal belongings.
Metro Vancouver Movers sells used boxes, brand new boxes and also provides rental plastic boxes.


After getting the boxes, you may need moving supplies such as bubble wrap, paper wrap, cardboard, colored stickers or labels, and markers. Start by packing your small belongings in boxes. If you need information about packing, you can refer to our household packing on this website. Once packed, we recommend you put all the prepared boxes near the entrance, as the movers always start with small things. Why? Because they prefer to load the furniture later to unload them first at your new destination. So, you are almost half- way done to have a stress free moving. Packing is the most important of the job and make a big difference. I hope this short article help you to know how to move house without stress.