Residential Move in Surrey

For this move, our client hired us to help move out of their residential home in Guildford in Surrey to their new home in Newton, also within Surrey. The client was moving from a three-bedroom townhouse to a house.  Generally, townhomes have many stairs with narrow hallways/stairways; luckily, our expert movers are up to the task. We were able to maneuver all the furniture through the townhome and into our 5-tone moving truck. Our team of professional movers is also able to pack your load most efficiently. This allows us to maximize the space within the truck and minimize damage to your belongings.

  • Truck Size: 5 Tone
  • Location: Guilford Area, Surrey BC to Newton Area, Surrey BC
  • Time: 7 hours
Some sample pictures of wrapping your furniture

While conducting a residential move, or any move, we always wrap all furniture and secure it in the truck. Here are some examples from our move-in in the city of Surrey, BC, that show the care and expert packing that your belongings receive.

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