Piano Moving in the snow

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Our moving company is proud to say that we treat your piano as if it were our own. We make sure to wrap and protect your piano from any possible damage during transit as well as the elements.
In all cases of moving pianos, we pose different challenges, and all are memorable, of course. Below are just a few of the hundreds of successful moving pianos that we have found memorable.

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Piano Moving in the snowRain or shine; we will always move your piano in a safe and professional manner. This is a very memorable one in our moving company. During this move it was snowing and we received a call from a lady who was at loss. Armed with its specialized crew of piano movers, our moving company was at the client’s house within 3 hours of the call she placed. Not only do we wrap and strap your piano professionally, but we also respond to your call within the shortest time possible. Most piano movers will wait until it is “nice outside” to move a piano. We, at Metro Vancouver Movers, will do the job no matter what – even if it snows. Offering you a high quality service is what separates us from others. Do you want to save yourself the heartbreak and the headache of moving your prestigious piano? Trust our moving company.
steinway and sons piano movers

$40,000 Top of the Line Piano Safely Moved

For this move, we were tasked with moving (and protecting) one of the most prominent piano brands in the world, Steinway and Sons. We did our research and made sure this particular piano was well taken care of. And we’re happy to tell you that not only did our moving company move the ultra-expensive brand but that the owner was very pleased. This particular move was from a large residence in Coquitlam to West Vancouver. This move consisted of 5 of our expert piano movers padding, wrapping, moving and securing the piano. We wish we could share with you the exact steps we did execute to move this piano. Privacy concerns dictated that no pictures be taken. We are proud to say that since this move we have also been contracted to move other expensive pianos such as Bechstein, Fazioli and Shigeru Kawai.
Careful Piano Moving

Moving Story Leads to Discount

This move was for a young family; 2 parents with their 2 little kids. The mom was an elementary school teacher, and having grown up in a family that loves music; she passed that passion down to her children. One of her children – who was only 8 years old – had won a couple of trophies in piano competitions. Despite the fact that we were moving from their small apartment, the piano was such a precious belonging; that the family decided to put it in storage until they completed all the renovations in their new home. As you can see here we took exceptional care with this piano utilizing extra padding and a couple of thick heavy-duty specialty pads were later added on top to further protect the piano. Whether you have a upright or a grand piano that needs to be moved we will be happy to serve you.

Do you want your someone treat your piano moving in the same meticulous and immaculate manner as we moved with this piano? Then, call us NOW at 604-970-2233 and we promise you a smooth incomparable piano move.