COVID-19 is everyone’s concern. What has MVM Moving and storage done to protect its employees and clients?
We have minimized our services to:

  • work-sharing: rotating our employees help them to get enough rest and practice physical distancing in the workplace. 
  • Also to keep the minimum number of people at the warehouse and practice physical distancing in the workplace.

Also, our moving company implements the following rules and has trained the employees to:

  • Sanitize inside the cab with 70% isopropyl alcohol every day in the morning.
  •  To keep the required distance between drivers and swampers, only two people are allowed on each truck. Additional workers will join the team with separate cars.
  • Sanitize the moving accessories such as blankets and carpet dollies with steam sanitizers and leave in the warehouse for 5 days before using them for any subsequent move.
  • Supplies on each truck are rotated every day, and sanitized supplies that have already been left at the warehouse for 5 days replace used ones.
  • As always, we use brand new mattress bags to carry your mattresses.
  • We cover your furniture with sanitized blankets and wrap them with shrink wrap.
  • Sanitize the trucks tools every day with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Carry a small personal hand sanitizer that we provide in our warehouse
  • wear disposable gloves which they may change a couple of times on the job.
  • Wear disposal masks during doing the moving job. Please see also the following links regarding wearing disposal masks
  • Our free plastic boxes are back in service again.
    • We wash our boxes with soap and sanitizers like before and rinse them now with hot water instead of cold water. Using just hot water will not sanitize the boxes completely, but as we mentioned we use soap and sanitizers for over 5 minutes on every single box before rinsing them with hot water.
    • After that, we leave them at the warehouse for 5 consecutive days before transferring for our clients.
  • Workers have received picture instructions on how to protect themselves and our clients. We monitor them for any kind of symptoms such as cough, possible fever, or any other odd symptoms and ask them to stay home if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. 

What we expect of our clients

  • Please try to keep the distance from the movers for your, and movers’ safety. Too minimize the communications, for example, color coding on items and marking items before the moving date will be very effective.
  • Even though our movers have their own sanitizers, please try to provide the moving team access to washroom or sink, soap, and paper towel during the entire moving time or keep a sanitizer handy 
  • Please do not offer or order food for the moving team.
  • We mentioned our employees not to ask for any drink from our clients. MVM moving and storage provides bottled water in our warehouse. Our employees can use them or carry them every morning before going to the job. Yet, if you offer water or drink, please make sure you offer movers the bottles or cans.
  • Please contact the main office for any more information or updates


After your move is finished you definitely would like to clean and disinfect different surfaced that many people including movers have touched. Here is the link of the list of hard-surface disinfectants that meet Health Canada’s requirements for emerging viral pathogens.



what we have asked our movers to do as routine in covid-19 pandemic
we have asked our employees in case of covid-19 pandemic