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Many people plan to consider renting a moving van, sometimes even a cargo van, during any moving season. However, some prefer to hire professional moving companies in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, BC, Vancouver Island, or other surrounding areas.

But which one do you think is better for a stress-free move?

Why do we hire a moving company?

  • Rental moving trucks or,
  • Hiring a reputable moving company on your moving day?

The answer depends on your plan and preparation. There are many reasons to favour either the “moving truck rental” or the “moving companies” option. It all depends on the following questions.

  • What is the cost of moving truck rentals in Vancouver and surrounding areas?
  • How much does it cost to rent a truck per day?
  • What is the cost to rent U haul (the cheapest example of a rental truck company) for one day?
  • If you have the necessary experience for packing your moving truck.
  • Do you know about preparing your furniture for loading as much as a professional mover?
  • Is your move a residential move or a commercial move?
  • Is your move a local move or a long-distance move?

and many more questions

scenario 1:moving equipment at your rental moving truck and movers

In the Lower Mainland, you have a huge rental truck selection. For example, you can choose your moving truck rental in North Vancouver or Driving Force in Burnaby.

The price of rental moving trucks, such as U-haul, Penske, Driving Force, Budget, and Discount, seems cheaper than that of moving companies. However, none of these rental trucks come with moving supplies or equipment. On the other hand, while moving companies’ prices seem more expensive, they come with all the required moving supplies and equipment.

Also, moving companies come with professional movers, the most significant difference between the two options. In other words, when renting a moving van or truck, you must obtain supplies, equipment, and professional movers separately.

scenario 2:long trip with your moving van rental

Imagine you want to move from Vancouver, Lower Mainland, to Vancouver Island, Victoria, Nanaimo, Sechelt, in British Columbia. You can choose “rental moving truck” or “moving companies.” Rental trucks are cheaper. Also, BC Ferries charges less when using a rental truck than a commercial vehicle.

You need to know how to load the rental truck efficiently in a large move. You will still need to rent moving blankets and other equipment. Besides, it would help if you gathered a team to assist in loading the truck.

You will also need the second moving team to unload the rental truck in Victoria. The second team has no idea how your belongings were loaded in Vancouver, increasing the chance of damage during the process.

Driving Skills

If you plan on using a rental truck, you will have to drive a large moving van. In some circumstances, special skills are required. Otherwise, you may end up paying hefty damages for your rental truck.


in conclusion, choosing between “moving truck rental” or “moving companies” depends entirely on your plan, budget, and many other factors. Either way, our moving company can assist you as a full-service company or provide a moving team to help you load your rental truck. Particularly when you have an item such as a piano that needs skilled movers.

Also, you prefer to make most of your move with your friends and family instead of renting a moving truck in Surrey, BC. Instead, you can contact us to hire just a truck with a skilled driver for your move for the entire day. Our vehicle has a professional driver and all the moving equipment and supplies.

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If you live in West Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Port Moody, North Vancouver, or any other Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley area, we can help you with your truck rental process or complete moving services. Metro Vancouver Movers will help you with excellent customer service.

Either with,

  • Cube Van with one driver and all the moving accessories or
  • Professional moving helper to load and unload your trucks and trailers or,
  • Full service of packing and moving, from bringing free plastic boxes to packing and moving your whole house