How to pack your flat screen tv or electronics

Packing Electronics, packing a TV as an example

The question is

  • How to pack to move a flat screen tv without a box
  • How is packing flat screen TV without the original box?
  • Is there any secure way for packing my monitor when I do not have the original packing supplies?
  • How is packing flat screen TV when shipping?

Packing electronics is a very important process in any move. Electronics include a wide range of expensive devices from TVs, PCs, DVD players, to Wi-fi systems and computer screens. As you know, they are all vulnerable to dust and damage.Needless to say , keeping original packing material seems the best option for packing electronics.However, some people do not keep their original boxes. With or without original packing, you need to protect these delicate devices,anyway .

Packing electronics in the absence of original packing supplies? This is how the professionals do it.

Covering electronics with shrink wrap

how to move a flat screen tv without a box

Many moving companies use blankets to protect expensive and fragile items. However, almost all blankets, even the brand new ones, carry some dust that might damage electronics.Therefore, our movers shrink wrap these devices first to protect the electronic devices from any dust.

Using cardboard to protect the screen

how to pack a flat screen tv for shippinghow to transport a tv without a box
After that, our movers cover the sensitive surface with cardboard.Why cardboard? Because it is the best material to protect the screen surface from any possible damage.

Covering the device with blanket

how to ship a tv without box
Now, it is safe to cover the device with a blanket as the device is well protected.In fact, this padding helps protect the device from any physical damage. However, you need to hold the moving blanket on the device. Our movers cover the device with one more layer of shrink wrap. Alternatively ,you can use tape to secure the blanket on the device.


how to shrink wrap to pack a tv
Finally,our movers, at Metro Vancouver Movers, pack the protected electronic device behind a soft object such as a mattress inside the truck.
Now, you know how to pack and move your flat screen TV if you want to move it in your car. Also, as we mentioned, if you are going to store your flat screen TV, you can use the same packing. In addition, if you do not have your monitors packing and boxes, you can use the same packing for your monitors. Please contact us if you want professionals do it for you.

packing a TV for shipping

If you need to ship your TV overseas or long distance, you can also consider other options such as custom crates for packing.