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Moving is not an easy task; we all understand that. But without the right.

moving blankets are best moving equipment to protect fragile furniture and avoid getting damage and scratches on your furniture

Moving blankets are the most efficient moving equipment to protect fragile furniture and avoid damage and scratches on your furniture

equipment; a demanding job can become impossible. Our trucks carry all the moving equipment at Metro Vancouver Movers to get a job done quickly and safely. The following is a list of equipment our team brings on every move.


Moving Blankets: 

Moving Blankets or pads is the most critical of any moving equipment. Despite the advance of other wrapping materials, moving blankets remain the most effective at protecting your furniture. Almost all moving companies in Vancouver carry plenty of moving blankets in their moving truck. However, we use just the heavy-duty moving blankets, which are thicker than normal, preventing almost any wrapped items.

Moving Straps:

We use polyethylene straps to secure your valuables in place during transport. Also, they come in different varieties to assist in adequately lifting mattresses and other awkward items.


2 wheel dolly as one of equipment for moving heavy items

A two-wheel dolly is one of the pieces of equipment for moving heavy items

Dollies are also some of the essential moving equipment for conducting a safe move. Our skilled movers in Vancouver have a wide variety of dollies that make all residential moves a breeze and stress-free.

We carry two wheels and four-wheel dollies in each moving truck. Also, we use specialty dollies like chairs dollies that allow for quick and easy moves.

  • two wheels dolly

It is perfect moving equipment, especially for upright objects such as fridges and heavy items when a mover wants to carry them.

  • four-wheel dolly

They are handy for moving equipment, particularly in 90-degree turns and moving items like pianos.

  • 2 Wheeled Clamping Cart
    2-Wheeled-Clamping-Cart excellent moving equipment for moving marble table, glass, and mattress

    2-Wheeled-Clamping-Cart is excellent moving equipment for moving marble tables, glass, and mattress

This dolly is ideal for moving items like mattresses and flat items like marble or heavy glass.

Piano Dollies or piano pallet:

We are proud to be one of the most specialized piano moving companies in British Columbia. We have specially designed different piano pallets. Our skilled piano movers in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, and Fraser Valley have moved pianos that vary enormously in type and size, grand or baby. We have the expertise and the right equipment for moving your piano.

piano pallet designed for moving pianos

piano pallet designed for moving pianos

Specialty Moving Equipment:

Time is essential in any move. Our moving crew arrives fully prepared to disassemble any furniture fast and efficiently. Tables and bed frames, such as Murphy beds and cribs, are, in our experience, the most common items that need careful disassembling. We have the power tools to disassemble these items safely. This not only saves your time and money but also protects your valuables. As a professional moving company in Vancouver, we always carry all the necessary tools and equipment to disassemble any odd furniture. Sometimes, we keep equipment in our warehouse and send it to the job site as the supervisor calls quickly. Whether our team works in White Rock, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, or any place in Fraser Valley doesn’t matter.

Other Miscellaneous Moving Equipment:

Metro Vancouver Moves also carries lots of equipment that most people would not consider when moving. These items include door wedges, specialty rubber bands, hooks, slings, etc. These miscellaneous tools are used as needed in your move. For instance, door wedges are required to prop open every door so that moving can be as efficient as possible. Specialty hooks and rubber bands ensure that your oversized china cabinet is secured safely when moved on dollies and inside the truck.

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FAQ: Do we rent our equipment?

We do not rent any moving equipment.