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Moving is not an easy task, we all understand that. But without the right equipment a tough job can turn into an impossible one. At Metro Vancouver Movers our trucks are fully stocked with all the necessary moving equipment to get a job done quickly, and safely. The following is a list of some of the equipment our team brings with them on EVERY move.

  1. Moving Blankets: Moving Blankets or pads are the most critical of any moving equipment. Despite the advance of other wrapping material, the moving blankets remains the most effective at protecting your belongings. Metro Vancouver Movers uses specialty moving blankets that are thicker than normal moving blankets, have additional padding, and are reinforced with specific fibers to prevent damage of almost any wrapped material.
  2. Moving Straps: Straps are not only used to secure your valuables in place during transport, but they also come in different varieties to assist in properly lifting mattresses, couches, electric appliances, piano, and other large items. These Straps are made from various fabrics: cotton, velcro, rubber or thick canvas. Thick canvas straps, for example, must be used to carry your leather couch without damagin the leather, and velcro straps must be used in the truck to adequately tie down your valuables to prevent them from shifting in transport.
  3. Dollies: Dollies are, also, some of the most important moving equipment for conducting a safe move. Our skilled Vancouver movers have a wide variety of dollies that make moving any item in any home a breeze. We have 2 wheel and 4 wheel dollies as well as our own custom-built dollies that allow for quick and easy moves.
  4. Piano Dollies: We are extremely proud of the fact that we are one of the most specialized piano moving companies British Columbia. We have specially designed different piano dollies that are built specifically for the different piano brands. Our skilled Vancouver piano movers have moved pianos that vary enormously in type and size; grand or baby; electronic, spinet, console, upright or studio – and each requires a different dollies. We ,also, have moved top-tiers brands; Bösenderfor, Steinway &Sons, Stuart & Sons, etc. We have the expertise and the equipment for moving your piano!
  5. Specialty Moving Equipment: Time is important in any move. Our moving crew arrives fully prepared to disassemble any furniture fast and efficiently. Tables and bed frames are, in our experience, the two most common items that need careful disassembling. We have the power tools to get these expensive items dissembled in a safe way. This doesn’t only save you time and money, but also protects your valuables. Unfortunately, we’ve seen in our industry tons of other non-professional moving companies saying: “This item can’t be moved.” The truth is that the item in question can be moved, but the crew doesn’t have the specialty tool required to dismantle the item! At Metro Vancouver Movers we have all the tools necessary, and if we don’t already have it – we will get it!
  6. Other Miscellaneous Moving Equipment: Metro Vancouver Moves also carries with us lots of equipment that most people would not think of when moving. Some of these items include door wedges, specialty rubber bands, hooks, slings, etc. These miscellaneous tools are used as needed in your move. For instance, door wedges are required to prop open every single door so moving can be as efficient as possible. Specialty hooks and rubber bands ensure that your oversize china cabinet is secured safely when moved on dollies as well as inside the truck.

Metro Vancouver Movers pays attention to the details. We have the equipment to get the job done quickly and the experience to do it safely. This is what makes us the professionals you can rely on for your move.

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