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Loading trailer and trucks balanced

Loading a trailer is another service offered by Metro Vancouver Movers. In the past, we received a call from one of the wonderful clients asking for a loading trailer with their antique piano. The trailer was very small. We helped them move their highly delicate piano inside their rental trailer. Our clients asked us to put the piano on one side at the end of the trailer. However, we explained that they might quickly lose control of the trailer, especially since we heard the road was slippery.

We recommend balancing the load for long-distance moves, particularly when towing a trailer with your car. In this example, the trailer was very small, and the piano was very heavy. In other words, loading a rental trailer incorrectly could have caused them disaster. Therefore, we balanced the trailer and strapped it very securely. After that, we filled the gap with light and bulky stuff to balance the piano in the trailer’s middle close to the beginning of the trailer.

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