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metrovanmoversHousehold Packing

Household packing or residential packing, in fact, is the most important of the moving process. Depending on your home’s nature and size, you need experienced household packers to pack your household. Our household packers will prepare your belongings for the day of your move. Besides packing households with our plastic boxes or cardboard boxes, you will save time, energy, and transportation costs. In fact, movers usually waste their time when they spend time on unpacked household things.

Our company, MVM Moving and Storage Inc (DBA: Metro Vancouver Movers), offers you an excellent quality household packing service. Our household packers can help you prepare your belongings for your moving day and save your moving cost.

Plastic moving boxes as an option for household packing

Rental plastic boxes that, in recent years, replace cardboard boxes make the moving job easier. They are easy to pack, easy to move and stack inside the truck, and durable, making them very secure.

Of course, you need to use efficient and appropriate. For example, dragging these boxes scratch the floor. Also, as they are strong, some people over-pack them and make their move difficult. As a result, heavy boxes make movers tired, and as a result, they won’t be able to do their job efficiently.

Metro Vancouver Movers is now giving plastic boxes to our customers, our clients, free of charge. We bring different plastic boxes to our clients’ place and collect them a week or two when their unpacking is finished. Please remember that we keep a deposit of $10.00 for each box that we return after receiving our plastic containers. Also, we provide these boxes just for our clients who are moving with our moving company.

Cardboard boxes for household packing

On the other side, cardboard boxes have their advantages. For example, if you need time to unpack your household, they are cheaper than renting plastic containers.

Also, cardboard boxes are lighter compared to rental plastic boxes.

Apart from what kind of boxes you will use, our experienced household packers know how to pack, making the movers’ job more manageable. Other than boxes, you need wrapping paper, tape, bubble wrap, cardboard, and other packing supplies. Our company provides all the moving supplies you need for appropriate household packing when sending household packers.

Packing your furniture by household packers

Another advantage of hiring our household packers is that they prepare everything simultaneously. In other words, when our household packers pack your belongings, they fill your furniture too. We have noticed that the job is much easier in recent years when we pack and move. Our skilled packers packed a day or two days before the moving date in most cases. We sent all moving supplies and equipment on the packing date to prepare small things and furniture when packing. On the day of the move, we moved the prepared stuff.

We also can pack and move you simultaneously with a bigger team in case of a rash move. Our household packers and movers will move you very smoothly.