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Many local Chilliwack moving companies provide moving services in this city.

We are one of the most reputable Chilliwack moving companies providing packing and moving services in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley since 2005.

If you’re moving now, you are looking for highly recommended moving companies in Chilliwack, BC. Whether you are moving into or out of Chilliwack, BC, our movers are the right moving solution.

We cover this city from downtown to Sardis and other close towns such as Agassiz and Hope.

Customer service, respect, and professional moving services are what we provide for our clients in the city of Chilliwack, BC.

You can expect the following from our movers:
  • On-time and Stress-free Moving Services in Chilliwack:

As one of the most reliable Chilliwack moving companies, we work with you to exceed your expectations. Our movers arrive on time and work within the time allocated during our initial estimate in Chilliwack, BC. Also, our moving crew carefully handles your possessions.

  • The Right Truck Size:

In most cases in Chilliwack, a medium- or large-sized truck can handle the move. In other words, a three-ton or a five-ton truck can finish the move without extra moving costs.

We provide all sizes of trucks, from one ton to five-ton, that make your moving service convenient. For example, in the long-distance case, you need large-size trucks to avoid making many trips.

  • Experienced Movers and Drivers:

Our Chilliwack movers are among the professional movers at handling odd and challenging moves. Our experienced drivers at our moving company are proficient, safe drivers and skilled in packing trucks. Efficient stacking of a moving truck is a significant factor in keeping your valuables safe during the moving process.

  • Other Services

Our warehouse in Burnaby allows us to store your furniture or appliances for one or a few days. At the same time, we are always on the road between Chilliwack and Vancouver. Therefore, we can deliver your furniture and appliances at a competitive price between the Lower Mainland and Chilliwack. Please contact our office for more detailed information regarding your small move or delivery in Chilliwack.

Other services related to moving that we provide in Chilliwack, BC, include:

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what you can expect from us on a moving day:

  • Timely Service

  • Safe & Secure Transportation

  • Personal Care for Your Belongings

  • Professional Moving Team

  • Competitive Pricing

Our main office is in Burnaby. However, our moving company covers moves from the Lower Mainland to Chilliwack. We also provide service from Chilliwack to the Vancouver area. For moves within the city of Chilliwack, BC, minimum moving times are as follows:

Our Minimum time in Chilliwack BC

Small Move

6 hours

Minimum Time
  • 2 Chilliwack movers and a truck
  • 16 foot Truck

    plastic moving boxes free of charge are available with minimum time of 7 hours

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8 hours

Min Time
  • 3 (or more than 3) men and a truck
  • 24 ft Truck
  • Large House/Office Moves

    plastic totes free of charge are available with minimum time of 9 hours

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Prices for two men and a truck are $140.00 per hour. Adding an extra helper is 40.00 per hour. For more information, please visit our price page.